• So, these blog posts seem to be going off on a bit of an I-need-therapy tangent, but I am really finding writing out my jumbled thoughts and sorting them through blog posts particularly useful for me.In my last post, I wrote about my post-uni blues and how I am feeling pretty lost in general atm. My 17-year-old sister happened to be having a uni open day in Newcastle, and so stayed over for a few days to cheer me up and give me a bit of company!post2We ended up mooching to the cat cafe Catpawcinno for a much needed furry therapy, doing a spot of sales and charity shopping (V unsuccessful indeed) and wining and dining in the local pubs.. (I’ll just add she drank water…)post1


    This led me to write a gratitude list to get me out of my misery slump, and also to really think about what I want for the next 5 months left of this year.


  • Supportive friends and family. Don’t know what I would do without them!
  • Having a warm, cozy flat. It may be currently only me living there…but I can’t really complain.
  • Time left in Newcastle to get an internship. Whilst I have my flat in Newcastle, I may as well make the most of it by volunteering at one of the fashion & trend related companies in the city.
  • Enough money to get by. Yes, I am in my overdraft, and yes I am skint! But I know that my parents will never let me suffer too much, and for that I am grateful!
  • A time in my life to go, do and be whatever I want. Although this is a very daunting time indeed, I need to see this chance as something to be grateful for, as often people feel stuck in their position. I need to make the most of this, jump in at the deep end and try my best to thrive!
  • A gym membership. I am one of those strange people who actually enjoys and relieves stress at the gym.
  • The Internet & Social media. What would we do without it ey!?

Good health. Enough said.

So, there we have my gratitude list. Honestly, if you are in a slump or generally just in a shit mood, I would really recommend doing this. It’s such a small thing, but it has made me see that life isn’t really that bad.


NOW, onto my goals for the next 5 months!


  • Get a job in either Manchester or London. I am so stuck between these 2 cities. There are pros and cons to both. I have family and friends in Manchester and can see myself falling in love with the city. However, I know deep down that London has more to offer, and really would be a productive move.
  • Upload to my blog regularly and reach 1500 followers. To me, this is super optimistic! But…why not?
  • Get a DSLR. I NEED a good camera! I have been relying on my friends, and having a good camera would not only open job opportunities for me but also allow me to create better content.
  • Feel settled in whichever city I end up in. I just hope I fit in!
  • Be financially supporting myself 100%, and pay off my overdraft. This is something that I have wanted for so long, and being a student has just been impossible.
  • Go to a blogger event. Wouldn’t that be cooooool
  • Be happy and content in my relationships. Relationships of all kinds are so important to me. I need human contact on a daily basis and really care about my friends and family. It is important to me that I keep these, and make friends wherever I end up.

Be mentally & physically happy. Doesn’t everybody?


(candid AF)
SO, there we have it. I encourage anyone in a mental slump to do a few lists in order to put things into perspective! Thanks so much for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment (mainly advising me whether to go to Manchester or London!)





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