This week I have spent some time at home, and mentally I am feeling a million times better. Recently I have been using this blog as a little hub for mental health, and I promise to get back to fashion & some health hacks soon! But for this last little post in the series of post-uni survival, I am going to share a happiness list that I wrote when I was feeling down, and how these have helped me crawl out of my little hole. I hope this can motivate anybody going through a strange time in their life to write their own little lists and to really look after themselves!


TBH, I don’t really want to go back to Newcastle. I’m going back tomorrow to graduate on Monday and then going to try and get an internship whilst I still have my flat up there until the end of summer. It really has been so nice to be home and be surrounded by close friends and family who have known me my whole life and who can cheer my up in a second. That is one tip I will say has definitely helped….if you’re feeling down, take some time to be around people you care about!



So anyways, one of the days I came home this week I met up with one of my oldest best pals, Lydia. We had a good old catch up and then took a stroll to the local pub, which I will add is one of the oldest, loveliest buildings in Beverley! We stayed out for hours, discussing our future plans and current situations. I have some exciting news plans soon in terms of where I am moving and what I am doing, but for now here is a list of everything that makes me happy that I made to help clear my thoughts and remind me that life isn’t so bad…



  • Good friends & family
  • Deep chats & catching up
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Going out for drinks & meals
  • Payday
  • Styling photo shoots and playing with clothes (I am an ex-fashion student after all!)
  • Blogging (Lol…this blog has been so therapeutic)
  • Watching a good film or some trashy TV
  • Dancing
  • Spontaneous trips away
  • The sun
  • Summer
  • Cocktails
  • Spending time with people I care about (cheesy buttttttt true)
  • People who make me laugh
  • Surprises
  • Holidays
  • Being productive
  • Getting in bed after a LONG day
  • A good workout
  • City life
  • & walks in the countryside
  • Animals
  • Hot chocolate
  • Bike rides
  • Reading blog posts & having a fresh outlook
  • Good music
  • A bargain
  • Company after a long, hard dayanother5.jpg

SO! There we have it. Maybe my cheesiest post so far? And I promise not to write another post about how I’m trying to cheer myself up and will be back next with a fashion or nutrition post. BUT, I just had to write this post as the last in this series. I hope this has inspired you in some way, and that you write your own happiness list!

Also thanks to my friend Lydia for the beaut photography.