1. CARLY ROWENA @ – I have been following this blogger turned YouTuber for years now, and she continues to inspire me. She seems like such a genuine, lovely woman and is also so motivating in terms of fitness and wellness. She makes me want to be a better person both mentally and physically.
  2. K & K @ – I recently stumbled upon these two friends and have been completely addicted to their blog posts and YouTube videos ever since. It is impossible to not feel inspired and uplifted when reading their posts or watching them both together on camera. They also offer so many amazing wellness and fitness tips, definitely worth checking out!
  3. MEGAN ELLABY @ – This girl is buzzin. She inspires me so much in terms of experimenting and having fun with my personal style. She is also from Manchester, which being a born Manc myself, I LOVE.  She did fashion communication at uni, like myself, and I feel I can really relate to her. She gives off such a positive energy and vibe, is so down to earth, and is a pure pleasure to both watch on Youtube and read about on her blog.
  4. ZOELLA @ – If you haven’t heard of this girl you have been living under a rock. I had to mention her in this as she is one of the original bloggers and YouTubers, and I have been addicted to watching her positive energy for years. Although people often assume she makes content for a younger audience, she is still a pleasure to watch and will put a smile on your face at the end of a long day.
  5. CHELSEA MOYLAN @ – Although this is a shop and not a blog, this lady has inspired me in so many ways. She founded and runs Anomie, and also has a YouTube channel. She uploads far and few between, but when she does, it is a pure treat. She is absolutely hilarious, completely herself and down to earth, and also inspires me to follow my dreams (cringe) and to just be silly and be myself and not care what people think. Not to mention she is a complete babe. DEFO check her out.SO that concludes the people who continue to inspire and entertain me across social media. Sorry for this semi-short and snappy post, however today I graduated! I still wanted to post, and I am a huge fan and follower of blogs and personalities so thought this would be appropriate. I hope this can inspire you to read more blogs and open your eyes to who is out there!Thanks so much for reading!

    LP X


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