• Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables from the markets – Find your local market and stock up on all of the good stuff. Luckily here in Newcastle, we have an amazing indoor market which is on every day (except Sunday). It is full to the brim of beautiful fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and other bits and bobs that you can pick up so cheap.
  • Use coconut oil – Coconut oil is amazing in so many ways. It is so versatile and can be picked up in most supermarkets and health stores. I love to use it in cooking as a great source of healthy fat. It also has a higher smoking point than any other oil so is amazing for quickly whipping something up! It is also amazing to put in porridge or to bake with. Aside from eating, I use coconut oil particularly in the summer for my skin and hair. For a cheap, amazing hair mark sleep in it and wash it out the next day. It also smells great and makes a great moisturizer and makeup remover! Winner winner!
  • Freeze fruit – I highly recommend either buying fruit frozen (it is much cheaper), or putting it in a Tupperware box and freezing it before it goes off. Firstly, this saves and waste, and secondly, frozen fruits taste amazing in porridge or in smoothies!
  • Workout outside – Although I do love mixing up my workouts between the gym and at home, it is so great to get outside when it’s sunny and get some fresh air. I am lucky enough to live right next to the Quayside in Newcastle, which is swarming with runners when the sun is shining. It can be so therapeutic to plug in some music and just run. OR if you don’t like running, just go for a walk! Excercise and mental wellness doesn’t have to cost.
  • HYDRATE – This one is so obvious but also so important. I recently got a free app called HealthifyMe where I have been tracking my water intake. It made me realize just how little I manage to drink compared to how much I should be drinking. Our brain is 70% water and therefore our bodies thrive off it. It gives us energy, helps prevent infection, and is vital for the health of our organs! So, go and get yourself a fancy water bottle, add a slice of lemon, and drink up!edit4.jpgThanks so much for reading! Hope this has inspired some of you.LP X

    (thanks to Annabel Carden for pappin’ me)


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