Hey lovely people,

So as I am writing this I am surrounded by an explosion of sun creams, sandals, and sunglasses in the obis of packing to go to Barcelona & then up to South France tomorrow! Therefore this blog post is going up a day early, and unfortunately, I won’t be uploading for 10 days whilst I’m away. Saying that you can keep up-to-date with me by following my Instagram at luminous_peach!

So, on with the post!

If you didn’t know, I did Fashion Communication at University, and so naturally have a real passion for styling of all kinds. I am a freelance stylist, and in hope of landing myself a styling job in London when I move in a few months.

I wanted to post 10 ways in which I continue to stay inspired and draw inspiration, hoping that I can inspire you too!


1 – My Friends!
I happen to have to most stylish friends ever. My friend Chloe in fact just got style spotted in Japan, not bad, ey!? A couple of my friends studied Fashion Design at LCA, and one of my good friends is also going to London College of Fashion this year to study Fashion Styling. I am so lucky to have friends who always dress so beautifully and continue to inspire me (in every way I will add!)

2 – Fashion Websites
Topshop, Zara, &Other Stories, the list goes on. I often go on these websites, not only to browse and be extremely gutted about what I can’t afford but also to see how the professional stylists have pieced together the garments. This is often an easy way to see how pieces you might already own can be styled in a way that you might not have thought of!


3 – YouTube
Not going to lie, I am an avid YouTube watcher. There are so many fabulously dressed people on there who continue to offer their tips & tricks on how to dress immaculately.

4 – Plain, timeless clothing
This isn’t so much an inspiration, but an absolute must have! Crisp white shirts, soft cream blouses, the perfect pair of tailored trousers or culottes, suede embellished ankle boots and long oatmeal colored Parker woolen coats. You get the idea? Stock up on these timeless classics and you will never look out of place!


5 – Vintage Pieces
Vintage photography and pieces often inspire me, as these are pieces that have been loved for decades and continue to stand the test of time! Similar to the timeless pieces, vintage can be so inspiring and offer a quirky touch to any outfit.

6 – Colours
Naturally, I am quite creative and a very visual thinker. I think colors are everything! In case you didn’t know, I wear a lot of red, in particular, red lipstick. It makes me feel confident and polished. Peach and pale pinks make me feel feminine and playful. Black makes me feel powerful and is also slimming on a down day. Colors are an important aspect of any outfit and truly do reflect mood and personality!


7 – Instinct
Although I am very comfortable with my personal style and continue to wear pieces that I have owned for years, I do think there is a hidden instinct in everyone as to what makes them feel great and what sets apart their personal style. You do not have to be the most creative, fashionable or strong minded person in the world to have an instinct about your personal style and what makes you feel good. One of my top tips for this is when you go clothes shopping – GO ALONE! Rely on instinct! Don’t let your mum or your best friend put you off a piece of clothing or a beautifully hideous boot that you want to buy. Just go for it!

8 – Blogs
Blogs really do inspire me, which is mainly the reason that I wanted to start my own. I want to inspire people and give people a glimpse into the little life tips and tricks that I am learning along the way! There are so many amazing bloggers who continue to give me a fresh perspective on not only styling but life in general.

9 – Cities
My friend recently went to Tokyo and was blown away by their personal style. I have never been to Tokyo, but I have been to Paris, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Copenhagen, Tunis in Tunisia and many more beautiful cities that have offered me a fresh perspective on dressing and expression. Traveling really does open the mind in many ways, and one of these ways is personal style. If you cannot get the chance to travel, use Pinterest as a way to search for different styles and aesthetics from different cities.


10 – And finally, Instagram!
Of course! Where would we be without it? Aesthetic haven. I hold my hands up, I am a true Instagram addict. But, if you can look past the ‘beach bodies’ and endless amount of acai bowls without becoming green with envy, it really is a great place to be inspired.

So there we have it! I hope that this has given you some new ideas on how to spruce up your own personal styling. I will see you after my holiday!

Au Revoir!


(images not mine, found on Pinterest.)