How to stay healthy on holiday and still enjoy yourself

Well, it’s been a hot minute!

Apologies for my lack of content recently. I have been jetting off to Northern Spain, driving up through the Pyrenees to Southern France, and then attending interviews in London whilst simultaneously trying to hunt for flats and declutter my life!

Anyways, to get back into the swing of things I thought I would show you a variety of the foods that I ate on holiday in order to stay (relatively) healthy, and still enjoy myself. Going on holiday doesn’t mean that you automatically need to put on 10lbs. Here’s how I balance myself when faced with mountains of ice cream and wine…

Freshly squeezed kiwi juice – tres delicious!

1 – Make the most of the fresh fruits and vegetables – Often when you go abroad, especially in the summer, the hotter countries have an abundance of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables. When in Spain I ate tons and tons of watermelon. The fruits are just so juicy and delicious, and this is a perfect way to indulge whilst staying completely healthy and glowing!

MASSIVE tomatoes at the French market

A peach on the beach? Yes please. (Excuse the scabby nail varnish!)

2 – Indulge in GOOD QUALITY goodies! Of course, I didn’t eat fruit and vegetables for every meal, drink, and snack. You’re on holiday for god’s sake. It is still so important to have a diet of moderation and enjoy yourself. For me, this means choosing something that I am truly craving and having it at the best quality that I can. Wine? Definitely. Just choose something that is a higher percent (meaning less sugar), and that is of a good quality. Ice cream? I opted for frozen yogurt topped with strawberries, chocolate buttons and Nutella sauce (so bloogy good.) Cheese? 100%!!! But I went to the local French markets and picked out the best quality that I could find. Basically, if you’re going to indulge, really try and go for quality.

Me and my cousin with our (5th?) glass of Prosecco.

A beautiful spread of local cheeses, grapes, fresh bread and vegetables

Frozen natural yogurt with a few added treats, kinda healthy, right?

3 – Enjoy some at home cooking! – My auntie has recently bought a house in the very quaint and beautiful village of Quillan, South France, which I intend to make the most of every year! As we were lucky enough to spend the weekend there, we did a lot of home cooking as a family which meant that we knew exactly what was going into our food, and we could also pick out the best, most fresh ingredients. If you are not staying in a house or villa, try and pick restaurants where you know the food will be of a high standard and will be carefully hand made, opposed to any frozen rubbish!

A pineapple and tomato pizza in Spain – hand made in front of our eyes. D-E-Licious!

Excuse the poor quality of this photo, however, this homemade veggie bolognese made by my uncle’s friend was rude not to mention. Oh so yummy and fresh.

4 – And finally, don’t sweat the small stuff. – No one is perfect. If you want that champagne magnum, you eat that god damn magnum. Remember, everything in moderation! Many of us tend to do tons of walking, swimming and cycling on holiday (or at least I do.) So eat whatever you’re really craving, and just go for that evening walk to take in the area and walk off the chocs! No big deal, no body shaming, please! And remember, if you do come home and you have put on 2lbs – you had a bloody good time. No sweating the small stuff.

Anyone else remember these foot lollies!? I just had to.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far. Please feel free to comment any other ways that you like to stay healthy on holiday!