10 totally random things that I have been loving in the month of August!

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1 – MAC lipstick in Lady Danger. – This is the lipstick that I’m sure people are SICK of me banging on about, but I seriously love it!!! I wear it every day to add a pop of colour to any outfit and make myself feel more put together. It’s now on its last legs, but I shall most certainly be repurchasing!

2 – Bellapierre highlighter in Toast – This is by far the BEST highlighter I have ever owned. I bought this in a strobing kit from TK Maxx. It cost me a measly £12 for 4 (retails at £65), and I have been loving the shade Toast ever since. If you get the chance to pick this up, even if that means spending a little bit more, I really do recommend it. The 3 other shades are also beautiful and stay put all day.

3 – Number 4 Sugar Spray for hair – I got this spray in this months Birchbox, and it has done wonders for my hair to achieve an effortless summer wave! This spray is very similar to a salt spray but uses sugar instead of salt, who would have thought! The reason I have much preferred this to a salt spray is that it does not leave my hair feeling dry and damaged, and I have actually found it makes my hair much wavier than a salt spray. Naturally, I have very straight hair that just drops out of waves in 5 minutes, but this product has kept waves for days and I love it!

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4 – High waist vintage jeans – I bought 2 pairs of vintage high waist, light wash jeans from a charity shop this month and they fit perfectly. I had struggled to find a pair that I loved, fit me well and felt comfortable. So to find 2 was a real winner!


5 – Poached egg on toast – Such a random one! But I have been having a little bit of a love affair with eggs this month (tragic I know). I was inspired by Zoella, and haven’t stopped eating them ever since! Delicious with some slow roasted tomatoes and a spot of balsamic vinegar!

6 – Belvoir Cordial – Yes I am a child and I struggle to drink tap water without cordial. Usually I will just add a slice of lemon and some ice to my drinks, however, my mum bought this cordial and I can’t stop drinking it. It is slightly expensive, but it is more or less completely natural, made with fresh lemon and ginger, and is absolutely delicious in drinks and even in cooking! I also might try adding a little gin to this, so great for the last of the summer!

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7 – The countryside – Again, another strange one. But let me explain. This month I went and spent some time with my auntie and cousin in their beautiful cottage in Suffolk. The few days I was there consisted of drinking wine, eating homemade freshly picked meals, melting marshmallows and drinking whiskey around the campfire, and long walks and bike ride down the country lanes. It was so great to get out into the true British countryside and felt like the perfect way to end the summer.

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8 – Game Of Thrones – OF COURSE! I am absolutely in love. I won’t give away any spoilers, but holy effing shit I am obsessed.

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9 – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner – I like to retain my summer tan for as long as I can, particularly during the summer to give myself a glow. This build-up tan is a colorless moisturizer that I apply about once every 3 days, and really does leave me with a very natural, odorless tan! I have had a few compliments on this and will continue using it way into September.

10 – Lion (the film) – What a beautiful film! Definitely, one to watch, an absolute tear jerker.

So, hope you have enjoyed this post and have been inspired to maybe try something new!