(sorry for the lack of photography in this post! Honestly had no time to catch anything new yet. But I will be snapping away V V soon!)

SO! It’s been a while since I uploaded a post but life has been a little hectic! I’ve finally moved out of my parent’s house, and have relocated to Manchester…wooooo! I’m yet to find a flat, however, I have a job trial on Monday, I am staying with friends and my grandparents (so lucky to have them in Manchester), and post-grad life is on the up.

I’ll be the first to admit that post-uni life hasn’t been easy. For some reason, I thought that I would swan out of uni, get a job, get a great flat with friends, move to London and start living the high life! But no. When you’re in uni it is so easy to just get lost in the little bubble of students and to kid yourself that life doesn’t get much harder than late night studies and dominoes. I never once thought that I would be stuck in a bubble of limbo for the best part of 4 months. And to my surprise, this has been the case for many post-grad students. Trying to sort out a job and a location when you have next to no money and nothing to show but a degree is bloody hard work. My advice to those of you who haven’t yet been to uni or are still at uni would be to intern, intern and intern some more! TRUST ME, employers in the real working world don’t actually care about what degree you have, unfortunately. I haven’t once been asked what I got in my degree, all I have been asked is what experience I have.

Saying that do what you can and persistence is key, and I am finally getting somewhere! Also, don’t forget that retail can be a foot in the door when it comes to fashion.

So, the next piece of advice I would give to you post-grad life, and something that I have only just figured out myself is that it helps massively if you are in the area that you want to be located whilst applying for jobs! For me, a few opportunities popped up in London, however, I had a gut instinct that London just wasn’t for me, and I do always say go with your gut. I am lucky enough to have family and friends in Manchester, and therefore, it just felt right for me to move there. I have been here for a week now, and already I am having a job trial for my dream job (a fashion stylist and showroom assistant). Honestly, I wouldn’t have even gone to the job interview if I wasn’t already in Manchester, as I got confused and thought that I was going for something different! Once you decide where you want to be, and can have somewhere to stay for a week or so – just go!! 

The final bit of wisdom I have to offer is to just not panic, and DON’T COMPARE YOURSELf TO OTHER PEOPLE EVER EVER EVER! No 2 people are the same, and everyone comes into their own when it is right for them. That is something that I always try to remind myself whenever I feel like I’m failing. Also, I know it takes patience, but never give up on what you want! If you have tried one way to achieve your goal and it hasn’t worked, keep trying and try another way until you get there! By no means at all have I made it in life, don’t get me wrong! I still haven’t quite got the job yet, I have no flat and no money. But step by step I feel like I’m progressing, and without sounding like your cringeworthy primary school teacher… each progression is so important.

Soooo please follow me or leave a comment, and feel free to check out my social media! I will be hitting you soon with plenty of updates and photography from Manchester eeee! Bring on a new chapter!



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