So it’s official, and it’s been official for a while. I’m broke. I still don’t have a job (not everything turns out as you think!), and I have just graduated uni and moved to Manchester. So naturally now, after 3 years of uni, and 4 months of graduating and relocating, I have mastered the art of saving pennies.


Here are my 10 tips, for either students, graduates, or anyone else (hey, it’s a hard economy out there) on how to save yooooo pennies!

1 – SHOP AROUND – So, a bit ironic to start my ‘save your penny’ post with a tip about shopping. However, we all do it, and we all need to survive! So, in terms of food, I highly recommend your local markets or price-saving supermarkets! Aldi & Lidl are absolute god-sends. If it means walking an extra 5 minutes, do it! This also goes with clothes. I am by no means a fan of fast fashion, however, I am one to shop at Primark, as it really has saved me so much money. If you truly are against fast fashion, charity shops and vintage shops are a great alternative.

2 – WATCH THE LIGHTS – Watch your electricity! Don’t leave lights on, don’t even leave empty plug switches on. It all adds up!

3 – LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS – It is so easy to get carried away, especially at uni!! I have definitely done this before, especially with the help of my overdraft (oh such dangerous territory). Learn to budget, and realize that you simply can’t live beyond your means without ending up in debt!

4 – USE YOUR FREEZER – It took me a few years to realize the power of my freezer! I feel like such an adult talking about a freezer in a blog post, however, it can save you so much money in the long run. Pretty much anything can be frozen, so to save money and waste buy frozen and learn to freeze!

5 – BUY A THERMAL COFFEE CUP  – I am so guilty of buying expensive coffee. I bloody love a Starbucks seasonal favorite or caramel macchiato, however, they are so overpriced! Buy your own coffee cup, and perhaps a flavored syrup, and make your own coffee in the morning!


6 – PRE DRINK – Again, a bit of knowledge for you students 😉 PRE DRINK! Alcohol is a massive money grabber. Drink (within reason) either in a cheap bar or have a pre-party at yours! And then try not to spend when you go out. It will save you hundreds in the long run.

7 – LEARN TO SAY NO – This runs along with living within your means, it is so important to know when to say no! If you physically cannot afford to go to a club on a Wednesday night, and you have food to buy, know your priorities! I know as well as the next person how easy it can be to get carried away and have fear of missing out. But if you want to stay out of trouble with the bank, learn to say no.

8 – GO TIMELESS OVER TRENDS – If you follow every trend to come out, you will be spending hundreds every week. Within this fast-paced world of fashion turning over every other day, it can be impossible to stay on top of trends, even for those with bags full of money! Go for classic, timeless pieces, and you won’t feel the need to constantly be chasing the high street. Think turtlenecks, neutral colours, and jeans! You can jazz it up with accessories, which are going to cost a lot less than a new blue fur coat.

9 – WORKOUT AT HOME – Nowadays, you can get a gym membership for next to nothing. Admittedly, I had a gym membership at uni, and still have one now, as it is something that I really enjoy doing. However, I have never spent more than £15 a month. Saying that, invest in some hand weights and get on Youtube! You can work out for free!

10 – USE MONEY SAVING APPS – Finally, there are so many apps out there that can help save you money. At uni, I was an avid user of Vouchercloud. I used to go out with my then boyfriend and we would get 2 meals for a fiver, that would keep us full all day!

So, I hope you have gained some inspiration! Happy saving (or good luck getting rich!)



Photography: Holly Ripley
Dress: Primark
Tights: Primark
Earrings: Thrifted
Boots: Zara


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