Something you might not know about me is that I am a freelance photographer and stylist. It’s not my official job title, however, it is something that I did at university, and have continued for myself, as I really enjoy what I do!

I have always been a creative person, and always loved fashion, design and the arts. However, I have been specializing in fashion for nearly 7 years now! Here is how I stay inspired with photoshoots and staying creative…


1 – PINTEREST – Pinterest has been one of the most important tools for me when it comes to staying inspired. It is a gateway to thousands upon thousands of beautiful imagery. It is an excellent tool for planning photo shoots and opening your eyes to new realms of creativity! (how poetical…)

2 – TUMBLR – Tumblr is another amazing platform, full of endless imagery. Although it can be quite tongue-in-cheek, there are undoubtedly some great images on there. Particularly for fashion, art and design.

3 – YOUR SURROUNDINGS – I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, particularly now that I have moved to Manchester. Absorb what is around you, and constantly be on the lookout for locations, new bars, new galleries and new cafes. Each one can inspire you in a unique way


4 – COUNTRIES – This might sound a little strange, but hear me out! Different countries around the world can open your eyes to so many different ideas. France, Spain, Italy, England, Africa, America – all so unique and hold such a different energy of creativity. If you can’t go and travel, watch videos of these places. Search for images of the food, the people, the landscapes, the fashion and the interiors.

5 – And finally…INSTAGRAM – Of course! I will hold my hand up and admit that I am a true insta-addict. This is the true aesthetic platform, and more and more people are upping their insta games and producing beautiful photography! Let it inspire you, and encourage you to push your own creativity!


If you want to see more of my work visit



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