So, we are well on the way into the month of October already! Madness, ey. Here are my 5 goals for the month of October…


1 – GET A JOB – So, 5 months from graduating, and I’m still stuck in that post-grad limbo! Crazy, isn’t it? I’m really trying to stay positive and just keep at it, but it is tough I must say! Before I can do anything else (get a flat, buy clothes, or even go for drinks) I NEED a job! Fingers crossed by the end of this month I will have something. Even if it isn’t quite the styling job of my dreams (yet 😉 ) I will hopefully be earning some dollahhhhh.

2 – SMASH OUT MORE SHOOTS – If you didn’t know, I am a freelance photographer and stylist. I LOVE organising shoots. I love finding models, organising clothes and makeup artists, styling them, editing the photo’s and finally posting the finished, polished image! My dream job would be to be a styling or photographer with artistic direction. But, until someone will hire me, I have to keep doing shoots myself! Hopefully, my portfolio will be looking pretttty full this month.

3 – EAT HEALTHIER – September was a month of badish eating I’m afraid to say. I truly love health, nutrition and exercise, and feel so much better when I’m looking after myself. Of course, it’s not possible to be completely healthy 100% of the time, especially with all the good grub that comes with fall! But, I would love to leave October feeling healthier and strong that I did when I entered it.

4 – GET A FLAT – After I get a job that is! I cannot WAIT to have a place I call my own!

5 – BE MORE SOCIABLE – In all the chaos of STILL trying to sort my life out, and also living with my nana and grandad (bless them), it has been difficult to actually make plans with my friends – not to mention they are also busy with jobs etc! What is adult life ey!? Anyways I have planned a trip to Newcastle to be reunited with my uni pals, and also try and do some styling collabs whilst there! I need to get my social life back on track this month, and I’m excited to do so!

So I hope this post has inspired you to set your own monthly goals – goals aren’t just for January!

Also sorry for the lack of posts and photography at the minute. As soon as i’m sorted with a job and a flat, I will be back on track with regular blogging, and hopefully,
find someone to take my photos!



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