Guess what? I’m still unemployed. I’m back living at home. I’m having some downs in certain relationships at the minute. I don’t particularly feel nice in my own skin. I don’t feel successful, and I feel at a dead end. Without sounding like a drama queen (and this is not a bid for sympathy), I’m simply explaining the purpose for this post, and why I haven’t been uploading regularly. I don’t have a routine at the minute, and honestly, my confidence, sense of self and self-belief has taken a real knock recently.


I know that everybody goes through these times, and so I’m hoping that by me being really honest with you, that that in itself will encourage anybody feeling the same thing to really allow themselves to feel this way, and eventually try to help themselves.

There is nothing shameful about feeling a knock of confidence. Remember that (without sounding cliche) nobody is perfect, everybody has flaws and downs in their lives, and that this is just part of being human. After all, we wouldn’t be grateful, happy or appreciative if we had the ups without the downs right?


So, without further ado…here are the 5 ways in which I am finally helping myself to feel better again:

1 – ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE UPSET – As I have just mentioned, please PLEASE do not feel ashamed when life just isn’t going your way. Whatever the reason, however big or small it may seem, you are ALLOWED to feel upset. By being upset you will probably be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that is making you unhappy, and therefore, the process of healing this will be quicker.

2 – WATCH UPLIFTING VIDEOS & READ MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS – There are so many books and YouTube videos, not to mention podcasts, that are motivational and uplifting. This has helped me so much within the past few days. I have spent hours watching motivational videos, encouraging me to be myself and saying all the things that I needed to hear. One great person to watch is the beautiful Madeliene Shaw. She is so uplifting and encouraging everyone to just be themselves.

3 – DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE – It is soooo easy to compare yourself to others when feeling shit about yourself. But honestly, comparison truly is the robber of joy. And also remember, the grass is never greener on the other side.

4 – TAKE A SHOWER – Take a long shower or a long bath. This always helps me to clear my thoughts and organise my mind. Make a mental gratitude list whilst doing so and just relax.

5 – WORKOUT – Whatever makes you feel good, do it. Whether that be walking, dancing, cycling, pilates, yoga…whatever. For me, I love a long walk, and I also love spinning and getting sweaty in my workouts. Boxing is also another great one, especially for stress relief. Get your body moving, and I can promise you that the endorphins will give you some stress relief, even if it is just a 10-minute boost of happiness. Better than nothing at all.


I could really go on and on about ways in which to boost confidence. I feel like I’m an expert at it now! I’ve never been the most confident person, and have always tried to find ways to boost myself or improve myself. I go through waves with confidence, and it is never a steady road for me. But, I never give in! I always try to push through the harder times.

I really hope this post can help some of you, and let me know how you get on in the comments.




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