These posts are getting a bit boring now ey? So I’m going to not go on about the fact that I’m still in a post-uni existential crisis, but instead, give you some tips about how I stay feeling and looking good (if I do say so myself) on a budget.


1 – MAKE USE OF TIMELESS PIECES – Luckily, I have always been on the skint side of life what with being a student and always having to work for what I’ve got. Because of this, I have had to be very selective with the pieces that I’ve bought…meaning I now have a pretty timeless wardrobe! Always opt for the timeless, key pieces, and when you have a bit more pocket money then you can pick up the trends.

2 – WORKOUT AT HOME OR OUTSIDE – Excercise and healthy eating have been a big part of my life for years now, and always makes me feel better. However, having no income means having no gym membership. There are tons of workout that you can do online for free, and failing that, just go for a run or a walk with some headphones in!

3 – CHARITY SHOPS AND EBAY – Utilise the cheap outlets, and learn how to shop frugally. I must admit, there is an art to sniffing out the best bargains surrounded by otherwise useless items. However, the more you do it, the better you’ll get! 😉

4 – LOOK AFTER WHAT YOU HAVE – And if you really just can’t afford to buy anything (like me at the minute wahhh) then really do look after what you already have. Make sure that everything you own its own place, and that you are caring for it the best you can. This way, everything will be good as new and you won’t have the need to buy anything.

5 – BLOGS – Reading blogs have really truly helped me whilst I’ve been stuck in this post-uni funk (how long can I keep calling it that ey!). Reading blogs just helps to keep me inspired and organise my thoughts on a daily bases. No money spent on books, but time well spent!


6 – TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN – If there is one thing that you really should look after, it’s your skin! I have been wearing SPF since I was 16, which may seem a little extreme – but it’s so worth it. Your skin is the canvas of your body, and the biggest organ you have. Now if there was one way I would say to not go cheap on, it is skincare. However, saying that, there are definitely ways that you can save here too. Use a cheap SPF suncream as your daily moisturizer. Use coconut oil for your night cream. Use Vaseline for your eye cream. Spray a little rose water for your toner and mid-day refresh. There are also tons of face masks that you can make at home, just look up a recipe online!

7 – COCONUT OIL – As mentioned above, I am officially in love with coconut oil. It is such a versatile product to own, and can also now be bought very cheaply and easily. I use this wonder-product as a hair mask, to take my makeup off, as a moisturizer, a lip balm, a highlighter and also in my cooking and baking. Seriously, a must have for me.

8 – FREE LEISURE TIME – Find ways to fill your time without spending a penny. You can cook at home, bake at home, go for walks, go for runs or invite a friend over for coffee. And if you really do need to spend, go to your local pub or coffee shop. Keep it cheap.

9 – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – This is something that I am still learning myself, to be honest. But if you are going to make a purchase at a time where you really have little to no money, then at least make sure that that thing is going to last!

10 – POSITIVE MINDSET – And finally, more than anything mentioned above, make sure to nurture your mental health and stay positive. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and totally fed up when you’re in unemployment and feel at a dead end. However, really stay strong and stay positive and everything will fall into place.

Outfit: Top: Jake Birks (my friend who does fashion design gifted me his design). Jeans: Primark (£13). Boots: Zara (£26, gifted by my nana).


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