Au revoir 2017, you old bastard! I must say, it has not been the most pleasant year for me for a several and one reasons. And apparently, this isn’t just me. According to the internet, 2017 has been the worst one yet. BUT, staying positive and moving forward, here are 5 things I’ve learned and loved from last year, and 5 things I’m hoping for for the new year ….


What I learned

1 – MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR RESOURCES AT UNIVERSITY – Ah uni, the good old days! Unfortunately, I only learned this lesson once I had left. But for any of you still at uni, make the most of the library, the studio, the equipment, the books, even the career advisor…whatever it is that you can get your hands on, then do it. All of these things cost money once you leave and you will wish like me that you had milked it for all you can.

2 – TRUE FRIENDS ALWAYS STAY IN YOUR LIFE – If it is an effort to hang out with someone and you feel drained by them, DITCH THEM. Life is too short! And also, true friends will always be in your life one way or another. This year I have been single for the whole year which has been the first year in a long time. My friends have been a huge part of my life, and even those who I hadn’t seen in a while, we still came together and it was like no time had passed. Your true friends will always be there and will always be easy to be around and energize you. But don’t take this for granted! I have also learned that to have a good friend you need to be a good friend. Never stop trying to be the best friend that you can be!

3 – IT IS BLOODY HARD WORK TO GET A JOB – The struggle is so real. But keep trying, keep working on yourself and don’t give up. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

4 – FAMILY IS EVERYTHING – My family really have been everything this year. I have had to move back home, and I have also stayed with my nana and grandad in Manchester whilst I was job hunting. I am so close to my family and so lucky to have them supporting me.

5 – LOVE YOSELLFFFF – This year has been such a huge year in terms of self-acceptance and growth for me. I do think it’s true that you come out stronger when not everything goes your way. I have really had to accept myself as I am and learn to love myself this year. I have also learned that inner peace is so powerful. I used to care what people thought about me or the impression that I gave off to people. Having self-confidence and inner peace just makes all the difference, as you already know that you are good enough as you are without the acceptance of someone else. I’m not saying that I don’t have a long way to go with this, but I have definitely made strides with my confidence this year and that feels so great to say!


What I loved

1 – HOLIDAYS WITH PALS – As I mentioned earlier, this is the first year in a long time that I have been fully single. I went to Amsterdam and Berlin with a few different friends. It was the first holiday I have been on with just my pals and it was wonderful!

2 – FRANCE WITH THE FAM – As I also mentioned I have fully appreciated my family this year, and not only my immediate family. My cousins, aunties, and uncles are equally as important to me and we are all so close. This year we spent a few days in my aunties house in the South of France and it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.

3 – LIVING IN MANCHESTER  – I lived in Manchester for a month whilst I was job hunting. It was so so lovely having the opportunity to live with my grandparents. They won’t be around forever and I’m sure I will look back at that time with the best memories and be so grateful that I did that. I also did one of the best photo-shoots I have done, and also had the chance to regularly hang out with 2 of my best friends who have also moved to Manchester. It was definitely a nice change from Hull, to say the least.

4 – LEEDS WITH LUCY – My best friend and I spent the day in Leeds in the summer and it was one of the days that stands out to me this year. We drank cocktails in the sun and had the most hilarious drunk train ride home. Such a great day.

5 – THE MANY NIGHTS OUT – This year I have had some of the best nights out i’ve ever had. Dancing with friends until the sun comes up will be some of the best memories I ever make!


And finally, what I hope for next year

1 – THE START OF MY CAREER – I am dyyyiinnnnngggg to get a job. But not just a retail job, a proper, graduate job. This is the year!

2 – MOVE TO LONDON – A few of my best friends have moved to London now, and let’s be honest, it’s where the jobs are (and all the fun). I can’t wait to move away.

3 – BEST FITNESS YET – I know everyone makes this resolution. But I am a real lover of fitness, food, and health, and I want to make this year the fittest yet. 2017 saw me through many ups and downs, and many changes in my weight! I want to get a to a point where I’m feeling fit and fabulous 😉

4 – MAKE MANY MORE MEMORIES WITH PALS – As I said, 2017 was all about the pals, not about the boys. And I plan on continuing this! I am still so young and have so much time to find someone eventually. But for now, I want to have many more drunk and hilarious nights and holidays with friends.

5 – READ MORE – I alwaysssss say this. But I really do want to make it happen this time!