Trend forecasting was something that I covered at both college and uni, and something that I really miss! Sadly, I don’t have access to WGSN or some of the websites that I had at uni, but I’m still going to give this my best go! I like to think that I intuitively have a sense of style and upcoming trends, especially with being a freelance and hopeful stylist! So without further ado, let’s test my instincts shall we and (with a little help from Vogue) see where this takes us…

Here are 5 trends I predict for 2018, 5 (budget-friendly) places that you can find these trends, and also some new in Orango Vintage!

(p.s. my mac has broke!!!! SO V SAD! Therefore, I haven’t been able to edit my pics…soz. *cry* One must power through.)



1 – SCRUNCHIES – Noticed everyone wearing scrunchies recently? They are definitely here to stay. As seen in Balenciaga’s recent collection , these nostalgic little hair pieces will be making a come back! And I am very pleased about this indeed. I have already picked up a burgundy velvet and a black. Primark, H&M and most high street stores should be able to provide you!

2 – GRANDDAD CHIC & CORDUROY – So, we’ve done the whole granny chic thing, but menswear-turned-womenswear has been huge this year, and so now we will see the rise of granddad chic! I must say, I’m very excited for this trend…but not sure it will be the most flattering!? Keep your eyes peeled for a how-to on grandpa chic coming soon maybe! Think lots of corduroy, mustard, burnt orange and oversized knits. In fact, if your granddad owns it, it probably goes. We will (probably) be seeing this all over the high-street, so should be pretty easy to pick up fairly cheap. OR you can check out Orango Vintage which is what I am wearing in this post 😉


3 – FLORALS – So, yes, this isn’t exactly ground-breaking. BUT, this upcoming S/S we will see florals with a twist. This year seems to be truly bringing back vintage and embracing the old as new. Florals were everywhere to be seen across the S/S18 shows. The florals taking off will be very 60’s/70s inspired. Less pretty, flirty and feminine and more funky, brash and in yooo face. Again, visit Orango or your nearest vintage shop. The bigger and more 60s the print is, the better.

4 – EXTRA CURLY HAIR – Last year was the year of romantic, worn out and undone waves. This year, similarly to the floral prints, the hair will be bigger and bolder. Curly hair is here to stay. Go big or go home!


5 – GENDER-NEUTRAL – Much more than just a trend, designers have now started to mix their mens and womenswear into one and have the men and women walk down in the same collection. I couldn’t be happier to be honest! I LOVE wearing mensy pieces. It makes me feel just a little bit more confident. Not to mention, any sort of blending of genders and feminist approved shows are good in my books!

What trends will you be wearing for the upcoming year?