Hello my darlings,

Winter is now in full swing, and with January coming to end, many of us are now deep in the January blues. HOWEVER, is it all that bad!? No it is not. Here are 5 ways that winter actually wins and therefore how to combat that winter sadness.

1 – COATS – Well, winter dressing in general is my absolute favourite, but moreover, coats! Aren’t they just the best things ever? A coat makes your entire outfit, and can also hide a food baby remarkably well. Perfect for all those extra leftover Christmas choccies!

2 – FOOD – So this leads us nicely onto food. Isn’t English winter grub just the best thing ever? Nothing beats having a Sunday lunch in front of a roaring pub fire!

3 – COSY NIGHTS – I loveeee me a cosy night. Cosy nights just cannot be achieved in the summer. So, whap on a film, grab a blanket and preferably an animal, get yourself some amaretto or a nice red wine and relish in the chance at being cosy!

4 – SLEEP – Yes, we sleep more in the winter. But why does this have to be a bad thing? I personally love sleep and any excuse to have a nap and i’m there. I actually feel kinda guilty for napping when the weather gets a bit warmer as I feel the pressure to be outside constantly enjoying the sun and sitting in beer gardens! So, whilst you can, make the most of the excuse to nap 😉

5 – NO INSECTS – And finally, aren’t spiders, mosquitoes, flies, wasps and every other little creepy crawly just a bloody nightmare? I LOVE the fact that during the colder months we can have a break from being eaten alive or crawled upon by some multi-legged creature!




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