A lady boss work outfit: Baker boy hat, chunky belt, vintage bag, red roll neck, black blazer, black cigarette trousers, red lipstick.

So, it has recently dawned on me with a little help from the book The Power Of Now (that I am third of the way through – slowly but surely) that I need to be more grateful and mindful of what I have now, and not constantly basing my happiness on a future me.

It is is easy to think ‘I will be happy once I have this’, and ‘oh once this falls into place this worry will disappear’…but look, take a minute to stop, be present, and realise what you have RIGHT NOW. Stop basing your happiness on a future that might not even happen, because then what? It is so important to have goals and ambitions to aim for, but it is also important to not get lost in a future you.

Take a second right now to stop and think about your current situation, what you are doing at this exact moment and what you are grateful for. Oh, and for those things that you think ‘if only’, instead try and think ‘but thank god for’. Challenge yourself to write down 5 things that you are so grateful for RIGHT NOW!

Here is my challenge….here are 5 things that I could complain about, but that I am choosing to be grateful for and embrace in the current moment:

– BEING SINGLE – This is one thing that I could mope around about and feel sorry for myself and think ‘if only I was in a relationship then I would have someone to constantly talk to, someone to hang out with and someone to share future rent with!’…let’s be honest, moving out is much easier in a couple. BUT to be honest these thoughts have barely entered my mind. Being single is something that gets a lot of people down in the dumps, but it can also be a time for self clarification, exploration and just having a bloody good time. In my last relationship I found that I was so consumed that I barely hung out with my friends or took the time for myself to do what I want and find out about myself. If you are a single bean like me, enjoy it!!! It is something to be grateful for! And also, you will never get this time again once you find a partner! So enjoy it.

– LIVING AT HOME – I have to admit, this is an aspect of my life that has got me pretty down at times. But flipping it on it’s head, living at home has also been very lovely. I have got a lot closer to my family at a time where actually they have needed me, and I have been able to live for free, enjoy some very tasty home cooking and have the liberties of all the home comforts. Fresh banana bread anyone…?

– NOT BEING MY ‘COMFORTABLE WEIGHT’ – I have mentioned this before, but currently I don’t feel too comfortable in my own skin. Now I’m not saying by any means that I am ‘fat’, but I have always been very slender, and have prized myself on being able to have self control, being on the lower end of the BMI scale, and seeing bones in various places. But hey, I have not had the most healthy relationship with food in the past, I would never EVER want to go back to that mindset, and I need to be grateful now that I have overcome my unhealthy habits with food, overexercising and sometimes starving myself, and that I am at a point in my life where I really do value goodness over calories and muscle tone over bones. I need to be so grateful that my body works and that I can use it to workout and enjoy healthy foods. I also need to enjoy the process of trying to get more in shape!

– LIVING IN A QUIET AREA – I have found myself feeling a bit down about the fact that I’ve not been swapping around in London. I live in a very quiet town with my family until I can finally sort myself out. But this is something to relish and soak up. Once I am in London I’m sure I will start to crave the countryside soon enough!

– NOT HAVING MUCH MONEY TO PLAY WITH – And finally, I am skint! I’ve been saving to be able to move to London and climb out of my overdraft. And I am broke. I will be moving to London within the next few weeks (FINA-FUCKING-LY) and I’ll be splashing what I have saved on rent and a deposit. BUT, I need to be so grateful for the fact that I have the work ethic and the self control to be able to earn my own money and save myself. This really has forced me to value money, and this is something to be pretty damn chuffed about.


Please feel free to share your complaints-turned-thankful list in the comments!



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