Hey guys!

I am so so sorry for my absence. Good lord has it been a busy few weeks! So a few things to update you on – firstly, I moved to London. Secondly, I turned 23. Thirdly, I started working at Deliciously Ella. So I guess you can say things have changed around here and since I last did a blog post, and might I add, for the better!

Although the process of moving out has had it’s ups and downs, I am generally feeling pretty bloody happy. Life is never perfect and there are still so many aspects of my life that I want to sort out or change. But let’s just take a minute to appreciate the fact that I have finally done it! I mean, what the bloody hell am I going to write about now that I’ve moved out and got a job!? 😉

So for this blog post I thought it was pretty fitting to reflect on the last 23 years of my life. Sit back, grab a cuppa and please feel free to take note. I am far far from the fountain of all knowledge but hopefully you can find a little nugget of inspiration somewhere in this post. Here we go!


1 – NEVER GIVE UP ON WHAT YOU LOVE: Got a passion or a dream? Chase it. And if you fail, try and try and try again.

2 – LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!: Only YOU can look after you. And YOU are all that YOU have. Look after yourself.

3 – EXERCISE: See above. Exercise is crucial for good health. You do not need to live in the gym. Just get yourself outside, walk and be present in the moment.

4 – EDUCATE YOURSELF: Never stop learning. I’m currently independently studying nutritionally therapy and I bloody love it.


6 – NURTURE ALL RELATIONSHIPS: Colleagues, strangers, family, friends, yourself…everyone matters.

7 – BE KIND: It helps to make the world just a little bit better. Oh, and if someone is unkind to you, know that you don’t need them in your life.

8 – SET YOUR STANDARDS HIGH: Do not settle for any less!

9 – TAKE NOTE OF YOUR SELF CHAT: SO important!!!!! We all chat to our ourselves in our lil heads. Take note of what you’re saying. I think you’ll be surprised. And just think, ‘if my friend was talking to me like this would they still be my friend….?’ The answer would probably be no, right? Take note of your inner chat and critique, and every time you are cruel to yourself, nip it in the bud!!!

10 – LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO COUNT CALORIES: Mate, eat that burger and bloody enjoy it. How lucky are we to have the privilege to even have the option to count calories ey!?

11 – HEALTH MATTERS: Oh yes it does.

12 – BUT IT IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE: !!!! (yolo)

13 – WATER: What can’t it do? Water is the answer to everything – sea, tears and sweat 😉

14 – YOU CAN’T BEAT A LIST: I LIVE off these.

15 – WRITE IT DOWN: Life changing.

16 – DO NOT PUT YOURSELF BELOW ANYONE: Oh if only my teen self knew this. Save yourself the pain and realise that we are all made equal.

17 – BE OPEN MINDED: So important. You don’t have to agree, but you really should listen anyway.

18 – PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES: You never EVER know what someone is properly going through in their lives. Try your hardest to be empathetic and you’ll probably find you start to attract a lot more positive energy.

19 – MUSIC HELPS: She types whilst singing along to Al Green. Music is lifeeeeee and can always flip my mood.

20 – THERE IS ALWAYS A LESSON TO BE LEARNT: Always look for it, it’s there.

21 – GET TO KNOW YOURSELF: Spend the time to actually get to know yourself. Take yourself out and spend time with yourself. You might be surprised what you find!

22 – TAKE PICTURES!: How amazing it is that we can document everything, do it!

23 – DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Life is too god damn short. Just enjoy the ride and don’t sweat the small stuff. Always think, will this matter in a years time? The answer is probably no.

And just for lols, here is a picture of me looking way OTT – Shoreditch is bringing out my inner Parisian diva, what can I say?